happiness struck, she knows where to go.
find what makes the eye shine
she could become more.

cheshire cat smile, filthy white shoes, & a stained shirt
sounds better than it looks.

why hate something genuine?

she doesn’t fit,
she’s not a match
but for a second she was pure
& that’s a catch.

It was a night of battle.
I came out alive.
But I never know how I get to another day.

These nights are suspended in time.
slow, unbearable,

A human being shouldn’t feel this low,
I whisper.

But nothing, no one is louder than the voices telling me
I should have been dead a long time ago.

The world was closing in.     Am I running out?

I watched my life slip away.  I saw the chaos manifest.
But somewhere, someone was gripping me back to life.

In the blackest of the dark,
In the stillest silence.
She whispers,

you’re okay you’re okay you’re okay.
you’re alive you’re alive you’re alive.
none of this is real, you can open your eyes.

I awake.

The disquiet settles in.

A thousand pieces, A ringing silence.

How many more of these nights?